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Backburner is a clean & modern Tumblr premium theme

Only $19

With a fresh install of Backburner you’ll have access to three custom styles, 40+ appearance options to customize, support for virtually every Tumblr feature, and scheduled upcoming releases (free) to cover user feedback and incorporate new features.

Three Unique Styles


Version 1.3 of Backburner comes with three theme styles that can be selected through the Appearance menu in Customize.

Additionally Backburner was designed in a way that it will make it easy for you to customize your own style and apply with the Custom CSS field.

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Backburner Version 1.1.5

Minor update that fixes a bug related to YouTube playlists within a text post.

Backburner Version 1.1.4

European and Japanese Support… kind of

The latest version of Backburner submitted today includes several user requests (keep the feedback coming) and changes to the custom fonts that allow for better support with European and Asian languages.

If you are posting content with lots of umlauts ö, acutes é, circumflexes â, and other extended latin characters (like the incredible travel blog Here to Geneva, you should follow him)  there is now an option under Customize > Appearance to “Use extended font characters”.  This will load in an extended version of the font with full extended latin character support.  The only downside is the extended versions of the fonts are twice the filesize.

Several sites with Japanese content noticed that their text was disappearing all together with the custom fonts.  So to fix this problem and allow better support for Asian languages there is now an option in Customize > Appearance to uncheck “Use custom fonts”.

The additional changes are mentioned on the Theme Versions page.

Frequently asked customization options using Custom CSS and the Description

Quite frequently people ask how to make minor adjustments to the appearance of their site and often the easiest way is to use the Custom CSS field in Customize > Advanced and the Description in Customize > Info.  The advantage of making tweaks through these two fields is you will still automatically get updates to Backburner as they are submitted.  Below are several snippets that are frequently requested to get you going in the right direction.

Center content in the browser

#overall {
  margin: 10px auto 40px auto;

Change the background

  background: url(http://PATH_TO_YOUR_UPLOADED_IMAGE) !important;

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Sahara Wonderland

Braving through the rugged terrain photographer Dennis Stauffer, zoomion, captured over 150GB of time-lapse footage shot in the Sahara at Ahaggar National Park and put together this amazing piece on the Sahara.  The night time skies he captures are breathtaking.

Read more about the project, gear used, and exact locations for Sahara Wonderland.

I’m loving this theme even more now… great customer service! Worth more than $19!!

Elias:Blog, using the Backburner theme

Backburner Update 1.1.2

Added Facebook Like Button & Fixes

This morning I submitted version 1.1.2 of Backburner for approval.  If you have already purchased Backburner everything should automatically upgrade for you; although if you changed the theme with Custom HTML you will need to manually upgrade or reinstall the theme to get 1.1.2.

Version 1.1.2 primarily changes the share options from Facebook “share” to the new Facebook like button.  Check out all of the changes on the Theme Versions page.

Again, thank you for all the feedback and feature requests!  Keep them coming.

With the release of Backburner 1.1.2 I changed the Facebook share functionality to the new Like button that lets visitors share any Tumblr post to their friends on Facebook with one click. The $19 premium theme, Backburner comes with support for Facebook Like and Twitter retweet (through TweetMeme) as well as additional updates down the road.

If you’re looking to add the like button into your own custom theme the process is pretty straight forward.

Customize Your Button

Go to Facebook’s Developers site and customize the appearance and functionality options for the Like button.

  • URL to Like - This is the URL of you post’s permalink.  Tumblr recently added variable that returns the URL encode version of the permalink - {URLEncodedPermalink}
  • Layout Style - Backburner uses the button count style because of the limited space in the share this overlay, but if your theme has the room you can use the standard style that shows additional information.
  • Show Faces - This option shows several of the profile pictures of the other people who liked this post.
  • Width - If you’re using the button count style you can get away with a width in the 75-100px range.
  • Verb to display: Give you the option to label the Like button as “like" or "recommend”.
  • Font - Allows you to select the font you want to use for the Like button.
  • Color Scheme - Depending where the button will be placed you can choose a light or dark scheme that better suits your design.

For reference here’s Backburner’s Like button HTML code:

<iframe src="
colorscheme=light" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"
allowTransparency="true" style="border:none;
overflow:hidden; width:98px; height:px"></iframe>

Insert IFrame Into Your Theme

After you have your customized HTML code for the Like button you will just need to place the code within Tumblr’s Post loop.  For example…

<!-- Insert HTML code from Facebook -->

When you are adding in the HTML code make sure you place it outside of the Text, Photo, Audio, etc post blocks so that you only have to add it once for it to show up on the index page as well as the permalink pages.

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