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Backburner Version 1.1.4

European and Japanese Support… kind of

The latest version of Backburner submitted today includes several user requests (keep the feedback coming) and changes to the custom fonts that allow for better support with European and Asian languages.

If you are posting content with lots of umlauts ö, acutes é, circumflexes â, and other extended latin characters (like the incredible travel blog Here to Geneva, you should follow him)  there is now an option under Customize > Appearance to “Use extended font characters”.  This will load in an extended version of the font with full extended latin character support.  The only downside is the extended versions of the fonts are twice the filesize.

Several sites with Japanese content noticed that their text was disappearing all together with the custom fonts.  So to fix this problem and allow better support for Asian languages there is now an option in Customize > Appearance to uncheck “Use custom fonts”.

The additional changes are mentioned on the Theme Versions page.

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