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'Lightrails' Interactive Installation

The interactive audio-visual installation ‘Lightrails’ was a project that Strukt created together with unheilbar architektur for sound:frame Festival taking place at the Project Space inside the Kunsthalle Wien.

Via Kitsune Noir

Innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself.

Lexus Hybrid Drive

German motion graphics studio Barbeque recently released a new motion spot for Lexus promoting their new Hybrid Drive technology.  This piece is an excellent showcase for what you can do with the Trapcode Particular plugin for After Effects.

See the rest of the boards on Behance

When I'm Small


PHANTOGRAM is a psych-rock, synth pop, hip-hop influenced duo from Saratoga Springs, NY consisting of Joshua Carter and Sarah Barthel. Their music can be described as a culmination of unique street beat rhythms, and psychedelic melodies, with combined technology and organic textures.

Purchase their first album Eyelid Movies on iTunes.

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