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Install Backburner Premium Theme

Version 1.0.1

The first version of the premium Tumblr theme Backburner is now available to purchase for $19. Future releases are planned to incorporate feedback, new Tumblr features, and additional styles.

See what has changed in the latest version.

Ash Style Charcoal Style Royal Style

Three Unique Backburner Styles

Backburner comes with options to select three unique styles in the Appearance menu.  Click the links in the list below to preview the styles.

Backburner is the perfect theme to wrap around all your Tumblr content!

With a fresh install of Backburner you’ll have access to three custom styles, lots of customization options, support for virtually every Tumblr feature, and upcoming releases planned address user feedback and incorporate new features.

Three Unique Styles

Version 1.0 of Backburner comes with three theme styles that can be selected through the Appearance menu in Customize.

Additionally Backburner was designed in a way that it will make it easy for you to customize your own style and apply with the Custom CSS field.

Tumblr Support

With Backburner you’ll find support for every type of Tumblr post including Answers, Group Blogs, Pages, Liked Posts, and third-party Disqus support.  Over time as Tumblr integrates new features you will see them added to Backburner in future releases—free to anyone who has already purchased Backburner.


Notice all the custom fonts in this preview of Backburner?  The theme uses Cufon to display custom fonts for the headers, post titles, text section titles, quotes, and many others.  There are two ways to enable the custom fonts in your posts.

  1. Simply bold the first line in the caption or post body, and Backburner will do the work behind the scenes to add in the custom font.
  2. Use Tumblr’s HTML editor to define H2 tags in caption text and H3 tags in Text post content.  Although this is more work there are some SEO advantages to having H2/H3 tags in your content.

Customization Options

Once you are inside the Customize screen and select Appearance you will be able to control, modify and tweak Backburner customization options.  Below is a list of highlighted options, but for full details view the customization page.

  • Set the theme style
  • Move the blog title to the sidebar
  • Move the header navigation to the sidebar
  • Show group blog contributors in the sidebar and author below each post
  • Show reblog details below each post
  • Add sidebar “social” links

Continue reading to see an extended list of theme features.

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  • David Buhler:

    So do you plan on updating this theme when new features come out?

  • Backburner:

    Yes, when Tumblr adds in new features you'll see it supported in Backburner as soon as possible.

  • David Buhler:

    Great to hear! Any idea when Tumblr will support 'post by fax'?

  • Backburner:

    Uh... I don't know if that will ever be supported.

  • David Buhler:

    Well I hope so. I had this idea of faxing in all the different take out menus I've collected over the years.

  • Backburner:


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